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Amalin Patnaik

Amalin Patnaik

Amalin Patnaik brings on board over 27 years of varied and vast experience of leading different UN and international agencies across several Indian states in tandem with the local government and civil society leading on development and strategy of programming in Disaster Risk Reduction, Public health, Livelihoods, WASH in Emergency, WASH in Schools, ECCD, Nutrition, IYCF, Climate Change Adaptation & CSR.

Having headed UN agencies in different states with country and regional level positions in international agencies in different thematic areas has extensive research experience of evaluating projects for several international donors in different states with multiple language proficiency. Amalin has been the youngest Evaluator for Govt. of India's Rural Development Department, Govt. of India and has worked as Country Programme Manager, State Head of UN, Senior Advisor, Programme Manager, youngest University Lecturer/researcher as the Gold Medalist in M.Sc.

Earth Sciences specializing in Hydrology with highest score records till date. An M.Phil. in Environment Science has researched on ground water quantity and quality vis-a-vis the substrata lithology and aquifer regime and a Post Graduate in Management from Sambalpur University. He has always seriously considered market-based approaches and systems thinking to solve development issues and particularly interested in small yet strategic sustainable service delivery with small technological and programmatic innovation. As a Project Officer of UNDP, he was part of the pioneering Community Based Disaster Preparedness programme in the world and has claimed to have acquired priceless knowledge on programmatic interventions and solutions from within the indigenous community and has established the first Emergency Operation Centre of the country.

Amalin has led several UN missions on humanitarian relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction, systems strengthening and policy influencing initiatives. Mr. Patnaik is also the National Advisor of the Federation of Community Radio Stations FCRS (with over 300 community radio stations spread across all the states of India) in India and National Advisor to the civil society movement on tobacco control and reduction of non-communicable diseases in the country through front of package labeling.